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Brad Johnson is an internationally recognized spirit communicator, healer and spiritual teacher who has been working with thousands of people from all over the world for the past 15 years. Brad is also the vessel for the higher dimensional intelligence known as Adronis: a higher aspect of Brad's soul residing within the star of Sirius A.


Through thousands of private sessions with clients from all over the world as well as many seminars held internationally, Brad's connection to Spirit enable insights on a wide variety of topics to assist you on your personal and spiritual journey.

Receive intuitive guidance, knowledge and profound insight from the higher mind that's unlike anything you have experienced before with a Group Q&A Session with Brad Johnson. 

Private 1 to 1 Sessions are available for clients who want to speak with Brad online via ZOOM. Questions can be directed to Brad or for a transmission with Adronis.

Even though Brad holds strong intuition communicating through Spirit, it is wise not to think of him as a psychic or fortune reader, but as a guide who can help you unlock yourself so that you can be astonished by what you are able to achieve through yourself by following simple practices, methods and teachings that Brad provides. Brad's intuition mainly works to show you the secrets of how you are able to live a peaceful and divine life as you discover the conflicts/regrets that remain within you. As you discover that, you will know how to dissolve them, and the transformation that follows will be profound. Matters regarding the body and the mind are only skin deep, but when you let Brad guide you and show you what you are capable of, the guidance you receive will change your life.


Brad Johnson is available weekly on Mondays from 10am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm Pacific Time (GMT -800)

3 questions by Email & Distance Healing

Offline Sessions - Click Here

Book a Private 1 to 1 Session with Brad

Common Topics in Private Sessions:

  • Communication with Adronis

  • Akashic Record insights

  • Stillness, Silence and the Self

  • Distance Healing for yourself or another

  • Inner work and energy exercises

  • Personal Soul guidance

  • Business guidance and forecasts

  • Aligning to God/Spirit/Source

  • Personal Self-Guidance training

  • Deep Universal Teachings/Guidance

  • Cord cutting instruction practice

  • Meditation enhancement practices

  • Universal knowledge/Reality mechanics

  • Extraterrestrial/Star Lineage connections

  • Dream guidance and interpretations

  • Manifestation guidance/insights

  • Emotional/Trauma Healing

  • Duality and Non-Duality

  • Soul, Oversoul and Spirit

  • Self-Realization & Self-Inquiry

  • Tarot Readings

  • The Abidance Method & More!

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