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With over a decade and a half of experience in metaphysics, inner development, psychic training, and vibrational healing rooted from ancient times, Brad Johnson is a living universal encyclopedia transmitting simplified ancient wisdom to help empower the modern world!


Our newest session is now available!

Full Body Scan & Source Healing

3 different plans available that will help you to discover the energetic integrity of your physical body, energy body, nutritional body & DNA body. Distance Source Healing available that will last from 7 to 30 days. Receive a highly detailed PDF scan report with an audio recording summarizing the scan performed and Source healing applied by Brad Johnson!

More Services

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In January of 2023, Brad Johnson launched his own spiritual healing technology company called "AetherX." AetherX specializes in custom made products specifically designed for providing imbued healing frequencies while in a deep meditative state. These healing frequencies remain intact through images printed within the product. Within the first year of business, Brad has developed a strong community where thousands of supporters are significantly improving their health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

AetherX contains a wide variety of everyday common products: Healing cards, crystals, bed kits, clothing accessories, and even electronic equipment. Each item is imbued with powerful Source Energy frequencies aiding in one's own personal recovery, and rejuvenating the body and mind.



The AetherX Source Flashlight is the first electronic product of AetherX. The Healing Flashlight is simple in its design as it works the same as an ordinary flashlight, but the major difference is the power of concentrated Source Center Vibration that emits from the light. This is the ideal tool to help with any form of pain, soreness, aches, stiffness, wounds, stagnant organs, skin conditions, sinus infections, ear infections, toothaches, migraines and more!


The Torus Bed Kit is the ultimate healing technology product on AetherX. The Bed Kit contains four different items in all: 2 pillow cases, a fitted bed sheet, and a duvet cover that you can use as a sleeping blanket, or place a quilt or comforter inside of it. it comes in 4 standard US bed sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The Torus Bed Kit comes in a single color style of Dark Navy and are 100% pure cotton.


The AetherX Card Decks consist of three different types: Body, Mind, and Energy Decks. Each deck contains 44 cards in total and each are imbued with Source Energy transcendental codes that assist in repairing the body, mind, and the energy systems. All decks work together I compliment with each other and also contain amplifier cards to increase their potency when used upon the body.

View all products at AETHERX.CO

Bibi Tinsley

"Interacting with Brad was joyful, inspirational, empowering, and downright fun!!! In addition to the enormous wisdom Brad emparts I was gifted an immensity of Love. Language of words is hard-pressed here, but I'll try: a crystalline thought form was dropped in the pond of my heart, and I feel it's vibrations radiating into an ever deepening cosmic ocean, within and without. Thank you so much."

Gregory Hudson

"Within a one hour session, Brad helped me to heal parts of myself I never realized were out of touch. That session transformed my life. He did what years of therapists and thousands of dollars couldn't do. I am forever grateful to Brad and Adronis as the services he offers are no short of incredible, astounding and even miraculous to me! I highly, HIGHLY recommend him!" 

Nino Calderon

"I am very thankful for our appointment with Brad as he channeled Adronis. I received heavenly information that is so fundamental to spiritual growth: especially for the application in my daily work and with my family. It’s important that more and more people use this medium to understand the mind of us all in this dimension. Thank you for your assistance in this medium and the introduction of Adronis. I look forward to having the opportunity to talk with Adronis again."

Sarah Bresman Cosme

"My session with Brad was amazing, I feel extremely grateful as well as surprised at how fast my questions were answered. I feel a sense of peace after my session as I'd learned many different things about myself. The healing part of the session was incredible and I felt better immediately. I will be doing this again!"

Robert Grifa

"Our heartfelt thanks to Brad and Adronis for the wonderful session. The suggestions and insights we gained from the session helped us understand ourselves and the world we live in even more. We look forward to our next interaction."​
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