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Full Body Scan & Source Healing

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The Full Body Scan & Source Healing Session is the most detailed and thorough healing system that has ever been devised by Brad Johnson. The Full Body Scan & Source Healing Session involves a comprehensive scan throughout your ENTIRE physical body: From every organ, gland, and system of the body is looked into with great detail to detect the energetic strength of each bodily area using Resonant dowsing and intuitive instinct.


Each organ is analyzed through its energetic strength and documented through a percentage scale determining its energetic integrity.


Based on the type of plan you order, Distance Source Healing can be applied to the affected areas vastly increasing their energetic integrity, strength, and resilience.

When weak areas of the body are discovered, Brad Johnson works with the Source Center Vibration to balance out each imbalanced area of the body through the extensive list of each area. There is also an additional option for your energy body system (chakras, meridians, nadis, and somatic/psychosomatic levels) to be scanned and balanced. Brad also applies astral healing hands upon the area(s) of the body that are in weak conditions which last up to 7 days clearing toxities from the body and energy systems improving their strength and vitality.


This is a long and thorough process for Brad to complete, but when completed, your Full Body Scan & Source Healing Session will be deeply examined, and you do not need to mention any health conditions beforehand. Once the session is completed, you will receive a detailed report on the areas scanned, their condition before and after the scan, and a brief MP3 summary of the entire session.

The Full Body Scan & Source Healing Session is non-interactive so no personal live interaction is necessary. The session is completed offline and you will be contacted email when the session is completed.


Full Body Scan & Source Healing sessions have 3 different plans based on depth of scan and healing service:​​

PLAN 1 - Full Body Scan Only:

This plan offers o full body scan only of the physical body to determin the energetic integrity of the key body areas (organs, glands, bodily systems), but does not include a Distance Source Healing service.

PLAN 2 - Full Body Scan + Energy Scan & Source Healing:

This plan offers the full body scan + an energy scan of your chakra centers & acupuncture meridians. It also includes a distance source healing service to balance all weakened area(s) detected through vibrational correction & astral healing hands that will last a total of 7 days.

PLAN 3- Full Body Scan + Energy Scan + Nutrition & Methylation DNA Scan & Source Healing

This plan offers a full body scan + an energy scan of your chakra centers & acupuncture meridians, a mineral nutritional scan to detect how strong or weak the amount of minerals/nutrients are within your body, and looks into the natural refinery that is your methylation genes to see if they are active (if inactive, they are activated through Source healing). Areas that are compromised withi the scan will be vibrationally corrected & astral healing hands will be placed upon them that will last a total of 30 days.


To order your Full Body Source Healing Session, please complete the form below that also includes session payment.

NOTE: Brad Johnson does not medically diagnose, nor provide medical advice, nor make medical claims. through this session. 


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