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Offline Sessions

3 Questions by Email

This is a service offered for those who wish to receive insight through the convenience of email responses and may not be comfortable with live video sessions. Through these 3 questions by Email Sessions, you can ask detailed questions through the plant you choose that will be submitted to Brad Johnson for reply. This works very similar to a standard private session, only instead, you are receiving an MP3 recorded response from Brad Johnson personally that will be sent to you by email.

The Process

Once you have made your purchase for the Questions by Email Session, you will receive a PDF attachment by email providing instructions on submitting your questions and requirements for the session.​ Sessions are done offline so no personal interaction is necessary. 3 Questions by Email Sessions will be completed at a specified time that Brad Johnson will indicate to you in your confirmation email.

Distance Healing Request

Distance Healing offers you to submit up to 3 areas that you would like to have worked on through a remote healing performed by Brad Johnson. Distance Healing Requests are done offline, so no personal interaction is necessary. Once healing is completed, you will receive a recording by email from Brad Johnson summarizing the results of the distance healing. and offering recommendations if appropriate.

NOTE: Please be aware that Brad Johnson is not a medical professional and does not and will not offer any medical advice through a distance healing. This session is for energy healing and only advice pertaining to energetic healing will be shared through an MP3 summary. Thank you.

Distance Healing Sessions focus on only one person per session.

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